Retrieve information about cards associated with a specific account. Note that status and physical card status are two separate concepts. Either one being set to something other than "active" could cause a transaction to be declined. For example, your credit card could be active overall (status = "active"), but locked to prevent in-person usage of the physical card itself (physicalCardStatus = "locked"). Alternatively, your credit card could have no restrictions on the use of the physical card itself (physicalCardStatus = "active") but the overall card could be frozen (status = "frozen") to decline all authorizations, no matter the circumstance.

Response schema:

    "cards": [
            "cardId": string,
            "createdAt": date-time,
            "lastFourDigits": string,
            "nameOnCard": string,
            "network": "visa" | "mastercard",
            "status": "active" | "frozen" | "cancelled" | "inactive" | "locked" | "expired",
            "physicalCardStatus": "active" | "inactive" | "locked"